Lamps with unique and exclusive designs and finishes. Shapes, sizes, colors, materials that due to the origin and nature, will not be repeated.

90,91 €

Character and originality for a modern lamp whose purpose is to help create, write, draw ... In that particular corner. The pen is not included. Limited edition of 36 pieces.

99,17 €

With a jovial, fun and original design, Aletarda is ideal to wear in a modern and cheerful atmosphere.Limited edition of 6 pieces.

132,23 €

With a minimal design, Aire denotes tranquility and elegance.The rotundiad of its base makes it an authentic and beautiful piece to illuminate and decorate.Limited edition of 16 pieces.

185,95 €

And without losing its essence, so voracious, this volcano when turned on gives light. Vulcan, our volcano, a shower of light. Single lamp.

247,93 €

Wrinkles, cracks ... Beauty does not go away with the passage of time. And Cracks knows about it. Single lamp.

64,46 €

Thinking of countries and distant cultures, and combining ethnic fabrics with lights and woods. Single lamp.

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