74,38 €

And when opening the light is also made in the Falleba Mini with its ingenious switch. Three options of locks to match the cap. Because there were three the Mini Falleba.

70,25 €

Characterized by its vein and vertical body, Vetas is firm, solid and serene.You choose the color and shape of your button, and with it, your cable to match.

185,95 €

And without losing its essence, so voracious, this volcano when turned on gives light. Vulcan, our volcano, a shower of light. Single lamp.

247,93 €

Wrinkles, cracks ... Beauty does not go away with the passage of time. And Cracks knows about it. Single lamp.

64,46 €

Thinking of countries and distant cultures, and combining ethnic fabrics with lights and woods. Single lamp.

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