CLAMP, light and wood


And, how to get out unscathed?

I dried my tears and even knowing that my wounds were about to heal, I set off ...

And, to get rid of sadness and memories, the best way is to give life to your creativity.

And that's when Clamp was born

Recycled and treated woods, lights that embrace and caress, that relax, that care, that give life ...

Original forms of lights and wood in order to create cozy and intimate environments. Environments that grow in corners for rest. For gatherings and readings. To spend alone or in company. And fill you with magic, tell us your dreams, fall into temptations and live the passions Enlightened atmospheres with unique and exclusive designs suitable for both sexes and infinite ages.

And take care of your home by working the light with these hands full of love.

Pamper yourself Welcome to our very special corner of light.

José Román


The workshop

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